Khan Foundation Mobile Academy

  • Parents from economically disadvantaged communities know that pre-school education can make a big difference in a child's success and desire to learn, but not every child has access to pre-school education and this is as a result of a variety of reasons such as;
    • Affordability

      Parents can’t afford it because they don’t have the means to or they have overburdened themselves with the responsibility of looking after their numerous children.

    • Value

      Parents don’t value early childhood education.

    • Ignorance

      Children are too young to be allowed to go to school themselves and their parents too busy to do that.

  • Khan Foundation is aware of this and also believes that no child should be left out of early childhood development so we set up the Khan Foundation Mobile Academy.
  • Khan Foundation Mobile Academy is a classroom on wheels. A bus or trailer is equipped with state-of-the-art mobile learning materials such as interactive boards, projectors, toilets, toys and other learning aid.

    This mobile classes provide nursery education to children living in underprivileged communities. The mobile classrooms park in different slums and the kids come in to learn for about 4 hours daily.