Community Impact

  • Excursions

    Education by Exposure

    We periodically take the children out on excursions to broaden their horizon and enlighten their vision towards having a better future.

  • Airport Excursion

    A great writer once said that the best education is one that teaches a child to dream.
    On the 3rd of June, 2018 Khan Foundation junior academy students went on their first excursion to the MMA local airport.  They had an amazing time as none of them had ever been on an airplane nor visited an airport. They got on an elevator and escalator for the first time. We noticed that a few of the children came bare footed to the airport because they had no shoes. This led to a drive called “project 1000 feet” were we collected over 1000 pairs of shoes for children in disadvantaged communities

  • The Bloom Party

    To commemorate Christmas and New Year, Khan Kids were invited to be a part of the bloom party which is an annual event organised by The Bloomstory to celebrate children in orphanages and from economically disadvantaged homes. These children make a wish list of items they want for Christmas and a secret Santa makes it available for them on the event day. Our kids were beautifully adorned in new clothes given to them by the bloom party and went home with wonderful gifts.

  • Amusement Park Excursion

    On October 26th, 2018, one of our partners, Paga sponsored an excursion trip to their headquarters in Yaba and subsequently to an amusement park in Ilupeju. The idea was to integrate play into learning and exposure. The kids were so excited to experience the fun activities at the park.

  • Skill Acquisition

    We believe in equipping our kids with life applicable skills alongside the conventional education. We occasionally expose our children to arts and crafts and some basic vocational experiences so that they can have a wide array of experiences to base their life and career decisions on. Skills such as painting, make up, fashion design etc.